Navy Nuclear Engineer-Turned-Software Designer Invents Platform That Plays Into The Sexiness Of Email Copywriting, Marketing, & Automation…

while slapping the complexity completely out of it.

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Created by a former Navy Nuclear Engineer-turned-top-marketing automation specialist, and The World Leader in Email Copywriting Education — who were both frustrated & jaded by all the mainstream platforms, and wanted to create the ultimate solution to use for their own successful email-driven companies.

Freakishly simple email broadcasting, automation, tracking, testing, and “drag & drop” campaign building — that’s so easy to use even brand spanking new email marketers can operate it right out of the box, yet so robust it rivals the most advanced email automation systems on the market.

World class inbox deliverability to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other major email services — using a proprietary 50+ point process for curating, scrubbing, & amplifying the response of lists… based on research from some of the world’s top API-level marketing automation engineers.

Watch this video to see how we play into the sexiness of email copywriting, marketing, & automation… while slapping the complexity completely
out of it.

— Troy Broussard & Ben Settle

BerserkerMail Founders

During your test drive you can load emails, sequences, & even entire campaigns. You can also play with all the features without any risk. When activated today the price is $29/month for your first 250 contacts (see checkout inside your free test drive for over 250 contacts & other pricing details), and you are “grandfathered” in at that price forever. NOTE: barring any sudden rise in hard costs imposed on the system due to 3rd party forces beyond the platform’s control. There is also a one-time flat $100 set-up fee for lists up to 30,000 email addresses. See inside the test drive for the set up fee for lists that are bigger than 30,000 email addresses. However, there are never any long term contracts or obligations, and while there are no refunds on BerserkerMail subscriptions, you can cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, & without hassle, while taking all your list, tag, & email data with you. See the BerserkerMail guidelines for more info.


Whether you’re mailing to a list of 30 leads or 300,000 leads… BerserkerMail’s hand picked team of brilliant engineers have reduced the time to load & send broadcasts, campaigns, and even entire automated launch sequences down to mere seconds.

Plus, BerserkerMail’s unique design makes building even the most sophisticated, multi-step email campaigns & sequences almost as simple as rearranging icons on your phone or desktop.

Can your current email platform send a broadcast in two or three clicks of the mouse?

Or do you have to slog through multiple screens navigated, boxes ticked, and extra clicks required just to get a simple email out?

With BerserkerMail you can load, send, profit in 2-3 clicks:

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BerserkerMail’s proprietary 50+ point process for helping you get unmatched inbox deliverability was created from the combined hard-nosed experience & research of its founders and its Senior Architect (who has used his developer skills to contribute to major brain cancer research, if that tells you something.)

One of BerserkerMail’s founders built an extraordinarily responsive email list in his niche using just some of the parts of this process. And the other has formulated a long list of email best practices (many “built-in” to the BerserkerMail platform) he learned while split testing, tracking, & automating as many as 30 - 50 million emails per month for his clients.

The result can be far higher inbox deliverability, higher spam & promotions folder avoidance, and higher clicks/opens/engagement.


In your free test drive you’ll see dozens of ways to use BerserkerMail’s eerily-effective tagging and automation capabilities that can potentially help get your business obscenely higher response.


Since BerserkerMail’s founders use the platform for their own email-driven businesses, you can rest assured its feature set has been scrutinized, and is based on decades of best practices and ideal automation behaviors. It has all of the speed & simplicity features big and small volume senders love using — but without the “clutter” and the “confusion” of other platforms. In fact, you could use the platform for months or years and still not notice all the little features working hard to make your life easier, or wonder why it does certain things so smoothly & intuitively.

And that is by design.

You shouldn’t have to go blind reading support pages or watching videos just to keep up with what works in the industry and what doesn’t.

Let BerserkerMail handle that, while you focus on growing your business.

BerserkerMail Illustration
And that’s just for starters.
Here’s a small taste of some other unique features & benefits you can experience:
BerserkerMail’s drag & drop opt-in page builder generates all opt-in code and the entire page for you within seconds… while giving you massive control over the look, images, branding, and design.
As part of your one-time set-up fee, BerserkerMail not only migrates your business’ list for you, but also scrubs it sparkling clean via:

(1) first running it against a database of almost 200,000 known bogus domains used by bots, spammers, and other deliverability-killers… and then…

(2) “laundering” it through one of the single most advanced list scrubbing technologies ever invented — wiping it spotless of bots, spam traps, honey pot addresses that are scraped & harvested by spammers, spam button pushers, as well as undeliverable email addresses, malformed email addresses, & abandoned email addresses seized by ISPs to “spy” on email marketers.

NOTE: BerserkerMail’s owners will not allow a “dirty” list on the platform. If you want to use a random list you rented or if your list is full of fake, bot-run, or malicious email addresses, your list will be barred from the platform.

This is just one of the 50+ ways BerserkerMail helps all clients on the entire platform get better inbox deliverability — as one client’s deliverability can potentially impact everyone else’s deliverability.
Of subject lines and even entire emails — and with an option to resend to leads who didn’t open your emails or click your links.
You don’t have to navigate through multiple screens and a frustrating round of extra clicks and box-ticks just to edit a scheduled email. BerserkerMail makes it almost “1-click-easy” to change subject lines, re-use emails, and insert content (testimonials, calls to action, etc) from past emails — all on the same screen and above the fold.
BerserkerMail also lets you create either rich text or “A-pile”-looking emails (i.e., HTML that looks like plain text, and doesn’t scream “sales pitch!”) that are fully trackable from the open to the click to the sale.
So you can cancel a recently sent email within a set time you choose. Perfect for fixing a humiliating error you catch right after you send an email that might otherwise make you look stupid to your list!
Your lists are auto-backed up & stored each day, and then emailed to you directly to download or save without having to think about it. BerserkerMail’s philosophy is clear:

Your list is the beating heart of your business and most valuable asset. Your list should go where you go, and never be held “hostage” by any tech company.
Swiftly call up contacts at will by name, email, lead source, opt-in page, campaign, status, phone, address, product purchase, and more. See all their stats and their entire journey in seconds, all with “touch typist” speed.
No more goofy-looking tracking links that make you look like a spammer & are more likely to be flagged as commercial by overachieving junk mail filters. BerserkerMail not only makes your tracking links short and “inbox-friendly”, but they are YOUR own domain, YOUR own branding, and under YOUR control at all times. This is yet another of the many industry best practices already baked into the platform you can experience with your free test drive.
Links you put in your emails are automatically validated & checked for errors as you type. And if there’s a bad link you won’t even be able to send it at all. No more having to send any stupid “oops” emails people hate getting (and that email services sometimes hate delivering to inboxes) because you accidentally mistyped a link.
You also have the option to collect phone numbers and start smoothly & seamlessly integrating (no programming knowledge needed) your email marketing with mobile app technology powered by BerserkerMail’s parent company Learnistic.
Block trolls, cancel-culture goons, and other haters trying to haunt your business & butcher your inbox deliverability — all via BerserkerMail’s unique ability to block trolls at the email, IP address, device ID, country, domain, keyword, and phone number level.
Letting you have your emails auto-posted to a page the public can see, and where they can opt-in to your list directly. You can also control how much of your archive you show and for how long. (i.e., 30 days, 60 days, etc.)
Along with your entire database of emails, so you can monitor the pulse of your business at a glance any time you choose.
BerserkerMail can integrate with over three thousand other apps including carts, calendars, and texting solutions between Zapier and its own internal integrations. This way, the platform can “talk” to your favorite apps & software at all times, including your backend marketing tools. If you don’t see your cart or other platforms listed in your test drive , and there are enough other people using it, the team will create an integration for you free after activating your account.
BerserkerMail has rules everyone including affiliate marketers & multi-level marketers (the legitimate retail side only, not the opportunity side or anything resembling a pyramid scheme) must follow. But these rules are designed to make you more and not less sales… while helping to keep your email deliverability as high as possible for you and everyone else using the platform. See the BerserkerMail guidelines for more details.
A lot of email platforms seem to behave as if they prefer you never send any emails at all, and just pay them each month like a good little soldier. After all, it costs them nothing if you never use their service. BerserkerMail is the opposite. The owners email their own lists each day, and often multiple times per day. Sending quality content to legally opted-in leads, and making lots of sales for legitimate offers is encouraged.

This is one big difference between BerserkerMail (operated by marketers who use email to sell their own offers to their own lists each day) and companies operated by programmers (who don’t use email to sell their own offers to their own lists each day). You can see more examples of this approach in your free test drive.
BerserkerMail has no desire to control what you think. But it’s not 4chan, either. Simply follow the BerserkerMail guidelines designed to protect everyone, sell quality offers, always be a professional, and you should be fine.
The best email platform ever created does you zero good without a responsive list to send offers to. Another BerserkerMail subscription “perk” you get is access to a private mobile app just for clients, where the owners deliver periodic email list-building & inbox deliverability tips.
Where you can voice your opinions… give your wish list of features… meet other BerserkerMail users… and do content swaps with each other, do business together, get help from other pros inside, or just lurk and learn. You can also run your own paid ads inside to help build your list or sell your offers. It’s a community accessible to all BerserkerMail clients to use or not use at your pleasure.
The words “Not our problem” are not in our helpdesk staff’s vocabulary. And it’s BerserkerMail’s #1 goal to make sure the words, “I just want things to work” isn’t in your vocabulary when using the platform, either.
BerserkerMail has a strict “no price raises” policy on current clients. That means whatever the monthly price is when you start paying for it, you get that price ongoing, as well as access to all future features at that same price. Since the price naturally has to go up as new features are added, the sooner you join BerserkerMail, the more you save. (NOTE: this is barring any sudden rise in hard costs imposed on the system due to 3rd party forces beyond the platform’s control — like, for example, sudden hyper inflation driving up costs where it’d be impossible for BerserkerMail to function at all without raising prices, etc.)
BerserkerMail’s built-in “repository” feature lets you rapidly bring up stored calls to action, testimonials, subject lines, even entire emails to re-use, add to new campaigns & launch sequences, or recycle for your promotions… all in mere seconds. You can also see your stats & results at a glance. And best of all — it even further removes virtually all the time-wasting extra clicks, screens, and scrolling your current email platform forces upon you just to load and send an email.

NOTE: This repository features to bring up and reuse copy & campaigns is not ready as of version 1. It will be in the future, possibly in a few months, but it could be longer. You will have to determine if you want to get in today, be grandfathered in at today’s lower price, and be patient as it’s finished, or else get in later when it’s ready, but at a much higher price.
BerserkerMail Logo


BerserkerMail is designed for businesses using email (or who want to start using email) who value time, sell quality offers, and who want to get in, get out, and get paid with each email and/or campaign fast — all with as high of inbox deliverability as possible that BerserkerMail’s technology can help you get.

It’s also for those who want to have all the advanced automation options of the most complex services available — but without needing to be a programmer to figure it out, or having to navigate multiple screens, with a dozen or more clicks and boxes ticked, just to send or schedule an email or build out a sequence or campaign.

Businesses the platform is designed to help include:

  • Online marketers, affiliate marketers, & other types of direct marketers
  • Authors, writers, & content/course creators
  • Coaches, consultants, & sales reps
  • Service providers, copywriters, & solo entrepreneurs
  • SaaS, tech companies, & startups
  • Professional services (accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, etc)
  • Trade businesses (plumbers, contractors, mechanics, etc)
  • “Boutique” copywriting, advertising, & marketing agencies
  • Other small businesses who want to drive more sales with email — including storefronts, martial arts schools, retail shops, Brick & mortar companies, and the list goes on.
Happy people using our app

However, BerserkerMail is NOT designed for these kinds of businesses:

  • Companies who rely on images to sell (images are banned on the platform — it’s one of the 50+ ways used to help get higher inbox deliverability)
  • Companies that sell any of the illegal, unethical, or disreputable offers listed in the BerserkerMail guidelines.


12 “Fast-Cash” Ways To Profit From Email — Even During A Worldwide Financial Crisis!

BerserkerMail Book

This guide will be delivered to you in a pdf format.

Along with your free test drive you’ll get immediate access (via the BerserkerMail mobile app — so a smart phone is required) to a powerful guide that will show you all kinds of fast, quick, & profitable ways to thrive & prosper with email — even if you’re new to email, even if your writing skills are awful, and even if, quite frankly, you’re trying to do business during a worldwide financial crisis. While everyone else is panicking, your business can be profiting with just one or two of the “fast acting” ideas inside this guide.

Some of the secrets inside this guide include:

  • A word-for-word email (based on research done by a #1 FBI negotiation consultant who helped the government save lives from blood-thirsty terrorists) you can send your list today to potentially close thousands… and maybe even tens of thousands of dollars… in new business you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.
  • A quick “tweak” you can make to your calendar program that can help get your business overrun with leads sometimes all but begging to want to talk to you.
  • How to use email to get big tech algorithms (Twitter, YouTube, etc) to send your business new customers or clients over time… and without even having to log in.
  • A shrewd way to use email and ordinary customer receipts to create lots of new sales, profits, and happy customers.
  • A cunning pricing secret invented by Helena Rubinstein (the world’s first female millionaire) for profiting from failed product launches and ad campaigns using email.
  • How to “ethically coax” clients, social media contacts, and other people in your network into happily sending their hottest, “ready-to-buy” leads to your email list… and without paying them any money.
  • How to ferret out the best customers hidden on your email list who hate cheap and tend to only want to buy higher priced offers.
  • An ingenious (but ridiculously simple) email method content creators can use to potentially rake in thousands of dollars in new sales practically “on demand” — and probably even as early as this week, if you want.
  • A neat trick for getting other businesses to happily & enthusiastically tell their best leads to get on your email list.
  • A sneaky way (that is perfect if you hate selling) to grow your business by writing lots of fun, content-only emails. (Best part: the worse the economy gets the more this is likely to work.)
  • A totally “unorthodox” email list trick that can help get clients aggressively pursuing you, instead of you always pursuing them.
  • How to use email to turn a group coaching program into a platform you can sell your other offers from and without annoying or offending anyone.
  • A clever kind of email that can nab your business new cash flow without even providing a real offer.
  • How to use email to turn social media trolls, 1-star reviews, personal attacks, and even outright slander against your business into cold, hard, cash-in-the-bank sales.
  • Plus this guide has several bonus appendices including — A secret subject line template that can as much as double your email opens… How to create compelling email content almost “at will” and even if you’re an awful writer and have no original ideas… A Las Vegas stripper’s (totally PG-rated) secret to almost instantly getting more email clicks… A quickie “dummies guide” to understanding and maybe even profiting from email industry lingo, metrics, & jargon, and more.

Best part:

This guide is a short, quick read you can finish in one sitting, if you want.

And it’s yours, free, in the next few minutes, with your free test drive.


Why does BerserkerMail forbid using images in emails?

Can I send email without fear of getting banned for a high unsubscribe or spam rate?

How is it possible that BerserkerMail is both “caveman friendly” but also advanced enough for hardcore techies REQUIRING sophisticated email marketing TESTINg/TRACKING/AUTOMATION?

Which platforms does BerserkerMail integrate with?

Does BerserkerMail provide email templates I can use?

Will I get banned for being a political conservative like what’s starting to happen on other platforms?

BerserkerMail Illustration

Two Email Supremacists
Walk Into A Wine Bar…

The strange but true story behind the world's first & only private email platform created for marketers by marketers

“All these email platforms can go bark at the moon with their useless cheeseball features nobody asked for, while jacking up their prices and bloating everything to a crawl,” said Troy Broussard — former Navy Nuclear Engineer-turned-software developer.

“Yeah, everything they do is back-asswards,” said Ben Settle, who publishes a print newsletter about email copywriting & marketing read in over 50 countries, and who has built one of the most rabidly responsive email lists in his niche.

Troy replied, “It’s probably because they’re mostly run by programmers who never actually USE email — with helpdesk staff that just stack support tickets and parrot normie advice all but guaranteed to kill sales and engagement.

“So which platform do you tell your clients to use?”

“None of them. I can’t recommend a single one of them anymore.”

And so went the conversation between these two self-described “email supremacists” in the Napa wine bar that day, as they compared notes about all the major email platforms.

Between the two of them they had used all the popular and supposedly “best” ones — such as:

Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Drip, Mailchimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, ConstantContact, Keap, Sendlane, Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Maropost, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Ontraport, iContact, Sendlane, Kartra and several more. Including some of that have gone out of business over the years.

And in their experience, they make many of the exact same mistakes:


Too much focus on “clever” gimmicks — and too little focus on clean, fast, & easy


Too many features nobody cares about — that only make the things people do care about overly complex… to the point where they don't even get used and just slow things down for everyone


Very limited control over who you can block — they all let you block by email address, but not necessarily by country, keywords, IP address, device ID, phone number, and other proprietary ways to keep the junk leads off in the first place and keeping your list clean and email deliverability rates high


No intelligence for the 80/20 — they don't remember what you always do to make the process of selling with email and setting up automations faster, easier, and less tedious or complex… forcing you to navigate multiple screens, tick multiple boxes, click multiple places every time


Terrible copy/paste interactions with zero intelligence or logic — that looks like it was cobbled together by programmers & developers who don't sell with email, and not by marketers & entrepreneurs whose businesses live and die by email


Ridiculously complex auto-responders, campaign builders, and sequences that are painfully difficult to learn and rarely work as advertised — even for guys like Troy with advanced scientific training and API-level software programming knowledge


Clunky email builders — which is literally the one thing they should get right if nothing else, but rarely is, with some of the best systems having the worst email builders


Not practical for power users — catering to businesses who rarely mail and who do all their marketing on social media


Not designed for touch-typists and writers — where everything looks like it was designed to make their programmers' lives easier, and not make the end users' lives easier

And the list of frustrations with the major email platforms went on…

Including how so many of them are starting to jump into the cancel culture game if one of their employees or managers dislikes a client's politics — and often without warning, and sometimes even while deleting or withholding the cancelled client's data.

Not to mention the abysmal customer service.

Or the way so many of them frown on legitimate affiliate marketers or heavy emailers who write good emails and sell quality offers.

And the never-ending series of needless updates that only make their platforms more complicated, less user-friendly, and infested with “feature bloat” slowing everything down to a crawl.

“Screw it,” said Ben, “Why don't we just create our own platform.”

“It wouldn't be hard,” said Troy. “I already have a team in place…”

And just like that:

They started back-and-forthing about how they'd build their own email platform. And they began by asking one simple question:

“If we had unlimited, ‘genie-like’ powers to create the ultimate email platform, what would it look like?”

This was as much for their own benefit as it would be for their clients.

After all, they would be using it themselves for their own email-driven companies.

Thus, the first step:

They determined they would not cater to anyone but regular and/or aggressive email users like themselves. This did not mean they’d accept spammers, pornographers, or businesses selling illegal or unethical crap.

It’d be just the opposite.

Especially since, not only were their personal reputations & “legacies” in the email marketing world at stake with the platform… but so would the deliverability of their own emails, as well as the email deliverability for the rest of their clients.

That meant focusing on serving legitimate businesses who sell legitimate offers, and who use email often — including daily.

The way Ben & Troy saw it, there are already plenty of conventional email platforms designed for mommy bloggers who riddle their emails with images, part time content creators who treat it like a hobby, life coach lady bosses who spend all day on Facebook, and other businesses who rarely email their lists, except to launch a new offer or tell people where to find them on social media.

But there was no platform for email users like themselves.

Specifically a platform that is:


Created by industry-insiders who want the ultimate email marketing platform to use in their own companies — i.e., a tool they would use even if they weren’t going to offer it as a service to anyone else.


Freakishly fast & simple email broadcasting, automation, and “drag & drop” campaign building all on one screen —that’d make seasoned email marketers & automation experts squeal in delight, while still being so simple raw newbies could use it right out the gate.


World class email inbox deliverability rarely seen in the history of online marketing —based on how some of the most responsive lists in the industry are built, including using research from some of the world’s most advanced API-level marketing automation specialists & engineers.

And speaking of email inbox deliverability:

Many platforms boast about their inboxing. And a few are even consistently above average at doing so. But “above average” email deliverability, great email deliverability, or even outstanding email deliverability wasn’t going to cut it.

No, their goal was to make their platform have…

Some Of The Best Email Inbox deliverability In The Entire Industry.

After all, the best offers in the world are useless if they land in the spam, junk, or promotions folder, or are not delivered at all. And this is where they both shine.

For example:

Ben has arguably one of the most ridiculously responsive email lists in his niche due at least in part to some things he does to get around a lot of spam filters and junk folders. And Troy has created an entire email best practices and inbox deliverability methodology based on when he was doing the split testing, tracking, and automating of 30 - 50 million emails per month as a high-paid industry insider and consultant.

So they put their heads together and compared notes.

And they worked out all the ways their new platform could combine all their secrets and methods they use for getting some of the highest email deliverability possible (that a platform can control) — with as many of these deliverability mechanisms working hard “behind the scenes” for their clients.

Another thing they realized is:

If their platform was going to cater to consistent and/or aggressive email marketers… then they couldn’t cop out and not allow affiliate or MLM offers. A lot of companies forbid those types of businesses. And for good reason. The vast majority of affiliate marketers and multi-level marketers do a lot of stupid things with email that gets both themselves and the platforms they use in trouble with Gmail and other major email services.

The solution:

Ben & Troy devised a set of rules ALL their customers would have to follow including themselves. These rules would not only help everyone’s email deliverability (what one person does on a platform impacts everyone else, due to the way the internet is built) but that would also…

Save Online Marketers From Themselves With Email deliverability & Inboxing.

These rules work for the platform’s users, and not against them.

And they are designed to help everyone get the highest deliverability possible they can help with on the platform-side. Plus, these rules are inherently repulsive to spammers and other unethical marketers… that’d make using this platform about as attractive to those types as a dead fish left out in the sun too long.

But that still ain’t all.

They wanted to boldly define a whole new space in the email marketing industry. And they realized they were in a unique & historical position to have a feature not one single other email platform has or probably could have, even if they wanted to copy everything Ben & Troy were doing.

What they wanted to create was the world’s first ever…

Email Marketing
“Super Intelligence”

In other words:

Every system under the sun can send emails, tag your leads, generate a landing page, keep a history of what you’ve sent, etc. But Ben & Troy’s platform goes far beyond that. It stores your content as a business asset. Take your customer testimonials, for example. You can put your testimonials in your account. And whenever you need to use one, call it up by keyword, category, or in one big list and simply copy & paste into your email. You can do the same with your subject lines, your stories, your credibility copy, your URLs, & even entire campaigns & sequences on the fly — without busting your brain trying to remember where you put them all, or have to waste time scrolling through hundreds of pages of emails you’ve written in the past to find them. It’s all there, easily stored & searched, in your own data vault, ready to be used at will.

NOTE: This particular ability to bring up and reuse copy & campaigns is not ready as of version 1.

However, it will be in the future — and possibly even in a few months, but it could be longer. You will have to determine if you want to get in today, be grandfathered in at today’s lower price, and be patient as it’s finished, or else get in later when it’s ready, but at a much higher price.

And on and on and on it went.

Every idea — big and small — was analyzed, quantified, and ruthlessly tested over the next two years… until they achieved what Troy coined from the beginning:

“We want to play into the sexiness of email copywriting, marketing, and automation, while slapping the complexity completely out of it.”

Enter their powerful platform now available called:


It’s an email marketing platform truly created FOR email marketers BY email marketers — and not by developers & programmers pretending to be email marketers, but who clearly don’t really “get” business, online marketing, or email copywriting.

You can test drive it 100% free without even needing a credit card.

And again, you will also get immediate access to the “12 ‘Fast-Cash’ Ways To Profit From Email — Even During A Worldwide Financial Crisis!” guide just for trying everything out.

Simply use the button below, follow the instructions, and you’re in.

Once inside you can play around with the features, load up emails & campaigns, and see just how simple & fast it all is… and get comfy with everything before deciding to join.

And when you do join, you’ll be grandfathered in at the price you join at forever (and the price will always be going up as new features are added, new tech adopted, etc — so the earlier you join, the more you save.)

To get your free BerserkerMail test drive, access the 12 “Fast Cash” Ways to Profit From Email — Even During A Worldwide Financial Crisis”, and be grandfathered in at the current pricing forever (no matter how high it goes later) should you decide to keep using the platform, simply click or tap the button below:

BerserkerMail Illustration
Troy Broussard Picture

What industry leaders are saying about BerserkerMail co-founder Troy Broussard…

“A person who is thoroughly knowledgeable about Infusionsoft mechanics AND strategy is automatically one of the most valuable players on any team.”

— Perry Marshall

(From the Forward of Troy’s bestselling book Infusionsoft Mastery)

“Troy Broussard is not only a leading teacher in marketing automation, but he’s also a practitioner himself operating at the cutting edge. If marketing automation is important for your business, Troy is someone you should follow closely and this book is a great place to start.”

— Ryan Levesque

Author, #1 Best-Selling Book, Ask

“I asked people who the best was, and Troy came highly recommended, which is exactly why we use him. As a former CIA agent, trust is everything and that is why I chose to trust my business to Troy.”

— Jason Hanson

Former CIA Agent

“Working with Troy is absolutely one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Even as an advanced marketer, I was amazed by how much I learned from Troy. It’s incredible how much I learned. He’s very ‘no-nonsense’ and kept me focused on doing the simple things – simple works.”

— Wardee Harmon

Owner of the world’s biggest & most prestigious online traditional cooking school

“Beyond his head-spinning tech skills, Troy totally ‘gets it’ when it comes to working with us creative types who quickly develop (and often, cause) headaches when we encounter deep tech.”

— Kevin Rogers

Copy Chief

“…Troy is a rare breed, he can effectively communicate with the best of marketers as well as the non-verbal techies. Frankly there is no one better when it comes to Infusionsoft. He is truly the Master!”

— MaryEllen Tribby

Consultant & coach who has run multi-million dollar divisions of companies such as Forbes, Crain’s New York Business and Times Mirror Magazines

“Troy Broussard is truly a one of a kind treasure that business owners dream of crossing paths with an elite marketing mind, incredible communication skills, plus world class technical know-how of highly sophisticated software and tools, gives Troy the capability to turn your marketing dreams into a reality.”

— Tom Beal

Profit Pirates Coach at Learnistic, LLC

“With Troy’s help with the information that I got from the Inner Circle we have been implementing a perfect welcome campaign and believe me the engagement from all the new leads we are getting is amazing we can monetize these leads quicker, they love us and we are getting in the primary inboxes. Whether you are looking for strategic tips or tactical tips Troy’s Inner Circle has it both. Whether you are wondering if you should or not do it right now. Trust me you won’t regret it.”

— Markus Heitkoetter

World famous Trader & Trading Coach with over 300,000 students around the globe

“I read Troy’s book and was completely blown away by it. I was completely impressed by his book and his courses and when I was invited to join his Inner Circle it was a complete ‘no-brainer’ for me. I’m a 7-figure marketer and value concise advice. One of Troy’s suggestions for me took less than 10 minutes to implement and made me over $50,000 in revenue inside of just a week’s time. Amazing.”

— Sarah Staar

“I had a successful business that generated all of its sales online. I had all the old school basic elements in place. Troy took my business and updated not only the look and feel of the site but how effectively we deal with customers from initial contact through marketing and customer service.”

— Dennis Linkletter

Inventor of the world famous Komodo Kamado grills

“I am not very easily impressed, but can confidently say that Troy is truly an expert in the field. During my one-on-one mentoring calls with Troy, I am left with complete satisfaction and an awareness that “this guy knows what he is talking about.” He is very clear, has impeccable “best business” practices, and is generous with his information. I wish I found him when I first started using Infusionsoft. His methods and logic are awesome!”

— Kc Rossi

“…working with Troy and his software, I’ve been able to take my business and automated systems to a new level. One that takes so much more stress off my shoulders. What I find most helpful besides that, though, is that Troy understands business and can guide me on the steps I need to take in order to get the results I want as fast as possible.”

— Nick Fosberg

The #1 leading marketing and promotional authority for bar owners around the world

“I’ve been working with John and Troy for nearly a year now and can’t recommend them strongly enough. Beyond just their technical Infusionsoft expertise, I rely on them for their strategic marketing advice. In a recent launch I ran with their assistance, I exceeded my entire launch goal in just the first 24 hours and blew away my intended sales goal by 523% over what I thought it would yield! I recommend you do what I did and hire these guys before they get too booked up…”

— Frank Rumbauskas

NY Times Best Selling Author, Never Cold Call

“Troy is a true marketing and automation Ninja!”

— Rachel Wall

The top speaker, educator, & trainer helping dentists make maximum profits with their hygiene programs

Ben Settle Picture

What industry leaders are saying about BerserkerMail co-founder Ben Settle…

“I’m so busy but there’s some guys like Ben Settle w/incredible daily emails that I always read.”

— Russell Brunson

World class Internet marketer, author, and speaker

“I think Ben is the light heavyweight champion of email copywriting. I ass-lo think we’d make Mayweather money in a unification title bout!”

— Matt “Emperor of Email” Furey

Zen Master Of The Internet®

“Good copy intoxicates me. Yours is high proof. I’m enjoying it.”

— Gary Bencivenga

(Universally acknowledged as the world’s greatest living copywriter)

“It’s not unheard of for the so-called student, to surpass the so-called teacher. It happens. I’m the student. I’m not being facetious, and I’m not blowing smoke, “Master, tell me how you produce these subject lines!”

— Ken McCarthy

The man Time Magazine credits as the Founding Father of Online Advertising & the first to ever teach email marketing

“…calling Ben’s list simply a ‘list’ does it a disservice. Ben promoted my ‘Titans of Direct Response’ package…and outsold every other affiliate I used for this program, almost all of which had larger lists than his…but clearly not as responsive. He even outsold others with lists 10 times the size of his.”

— Brian Kurtz

Former VP of Marketing for Boardroom, INC — one of the biggest and most successful direct marketing companies ever created

“The business is so big now. Prob 4x the revenue since when we first met… and had you in! Claim credit, as it did correlate!”

— Joseph Schriefer

Copy Chief at Agora Financial

“…thanks again for mailing for me. We’ve got like 67 donations from your peeps already. Getting close to our target goal and I haven’t even officially launched the sucker yet. I don’t know how big your list is, but I’m guessing you have a ridiculously high open rate and click-through.”

— Parris Lampropoulos

A-list copywriter for all the world’s biggest and most respected direct marketing companies.

“I start my day with reading from the Holy Bible and Ben Settle’s email, not necessarily in that order.”

— Richard Armstrong

A List direct mail copywriter whose clients have included Rodale, Boardroom, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Newsweek, Prevention Health Magazine, the ASCPA and, even, The Limbaugh Letter.

“The f’in’ hottest email copywriter on the web now.”

— David Garfinkel

The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach

“Ben is more successful at selling high-dollar products than anyone I know of. Ben has cultivated a list that is amazingly responsive and loyal to his leadership and recommendations!”

— Kim Krause Schwalm

A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor who has written ads and emails for companies with some of the biggest email lists

“The JV that Charm Offensive did with with Ben Settle was our biggest by many orders of magnitude – and we’ve pitched our stuff to some sizable audiences…we’ve never seen a response like the one from Ben’s list. He has built something remarkable and impressive.”

— Jon Buchan

Founder & Director
Charm Offensive Facebook Group

“Partnering with Ben Settle over the last 17 years has been both a privilege and goldmine for my business. The buyer response from his subscriber list is unbelievable. And, each year we partner, the sales from his subscribers go higher and higher.”

— Michael Senoff

“Just want you to know I get great advice and at least one chuckle… or a slap on the forehead ‘duh’… every time I read your emails!”

— Carline Anglade-Cole

AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year Award winner who has written for
Oprah and the world’s most prestigious alternative health direct marketing companies

“Ben’s emails are PERFECT examples of how to sell with email… how to be a welcome guest in someone’s inbox rather than a persistent pest… how to sell with story… and how to create a persona that draws people to you like controversy to Donald Trump.”

— David Deutsch

Freelance copywriter with multi-million dollar controls for the world’s biggest mailing houses

“Your emails are one of the very few I read and study.”

— Ryan Lee

Best-selling Author
“Entrepreneur” Magazine columnist

“I wake up to READ YOUR WORDS. I learn from you and study exactly how you combine words + feelings together. Like no other. YOU go DEEP and HARD.”

— Lori Haller

“A-List” designer who has worked on projects for Oprah
Winfrey & other famous clientele

“I love your emails. Your e-mail style is stunningly effective.”

— Bob Bly

The man McGraw Hill calls America’s top copywriter and bestselling author of over 100 books

“Ben has made me tens of thousands of dollars in the past 6 months alone since I started learning his email methods. . .It’s changed my business, it’s changed my life.”

— Michael Cheney

Internet marketing pioneer

“Ben is one of the sharpest marketing minds on the planet, and he runs his membership “Email Players” better than just about any other I’ve seen. I highly recommend it.”

— Perry Marshall

Author of 8 books whose Google book laid the foundations for the $100 billion Pay Per Click industry, whose prestigious 80/20 work has been used by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs, and whose historic reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in Harvard Business Review.

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